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As Dodgey heads off for a spell I just wanted to send you a short message of thanks for everything you have done to date organising visits, providing updates and being around on race days etc. Its great to get the website updates and audios and to be kept in the loop. This is my first dabble in a race horse and I'm having a great time and really enjoying it. Hopefully when Dodgey returns he will be bigger and better than ever and we can really have some fun. 

Scott Wilson, Scott Wilson, Racehorse Owner

Over the years my friends and I have raced several horses with various trainers & syndicators. We find Michael & Paul of Adrenaline Thoroughbreds easily the best we have used. The communication & willingness to accommodate our requests are second to none.

Rod Warren, Racehorse Owner

I would not hesitate to recommend Adrenaline Thoroughbreds to anyone interested in owning race horses. Adrenaline's web-based Owner's Dashboard is first class. I currently have shares in three horses & watching them evolve into elite race horses is very rewarding.

Les Ham, Racehorse Owner

Having a horse with Adrenaline has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have horses with others as well but the updates I receive from Michael and Paul set them apart. I feel like I am kept in the loop with every single aspect of my horses, even when they are spelling. Recently Michael even picked me up and drove me to Toowoomba to see my horse spelling.

Andrew Lang, Racehorse Owner

Adrenaline Thorougbreds has enabled us to take our first exciting step into the world of being a racehorse owner. The whole journey so far has exceeded our expectations – not just because our first horse, Epsilon, has turned out to be a cracker of a horse, but also because we have felt part of the whole experience.

Kelvin and Peta Crosby, Racehorse Owners

The Adrenaline Team

We see racehorse syndication as important to the strength and accessibility of Australian horse racing. Racehorses take man-hours, management, planning and commitment. Syndicators can play a valuable role in taking the legwork out of racehorse ownership and supporting owners to better enjoy the ride.

At Adrenaline Thoroughbreds, Paul and Michael have complementary strengths in thoroughbred breeding, racehorse placement, management and owner communication so that you can trust you're getting the best ownership experience.

Paul Bita

Paul Bita

Paul has more than 30 years’ experience in the thoroughbred racing industry. He has a Bachelor of Business Management from Queensland University of Technology, and close to 10 years’ experience purchasing horses and putting together syndicates.  He maintains an up-to-date knowledge of racehorse pedigrees and his keen eye for horse conformation through regular attendance at sales and studs, and extensive research.  Paul draws on his experience and networking to ensure the best people in the industry are involved throughout every stage of a horse’s development and racing career.

From age 13 he was the strapper for his father’s North Queensland training stable, and was schooled in thoroughbred breeding, animal husbandry and the nuances of the Queensland tracks. His love and respect for horses developed at the same time and has driven his passion for managing each horse’s progression individually, doing what’s right for the horse to ensure it develops as a long term racing prospect and helping it to stay sound throughout its career.

Paul’s role in Adrenaline is to use this extensive industry and business experience to purchase the best value horses available and present them for offer to syndicate members.  His philosophy is “form before fashion” and he’s used this approach to select a boutique stable of well-conformed horses.  Adrenaline’s current team of exciting young horses were all hand-picked by Paul and from all accounts we’re looking forward to the future.

Paul also takes a lead role in overseeing all aspects of a horse’s career – purchase, education and development, spelling/recuperation, training preparation and programming. A conduit for communication between syndicate members and the industry experts we engage, he brings honesty and pragmatism to decision-making for our Adrenaline owners.

Michael Vincent

Michael Vincent

Michael has been involved in racehorses for over 20 years and while his family is his first love, racing comes a close second. Whether cheering home a winner at Caulfield, Eagle Farm or the Sunshine Coast on a Sunday, Michael's a passionate race-goer who enjoys the build-up to race day nearly as much as meeting fellow owners at the races.

An environmental scientist by trade but a racing enthusiast at heart, he has experience in sports marketing and communication and manages engagement with our Adrenaline owners.  Michael’s is the voice you’ll first hear when you make an enquiry, and the same voice that will make owning a share in a racehorse a straightforward and rewarding experience.  His friendly, honest and down-to-earth personality led one owner to joke “I wanted to buy a share in your colt, but I think I ended up buying a share in Michael!”

Michael’s passions run deep – he has a dogged commitment to making sure that thoroughbred ownership is accessible and affordable for everyone, and Adrenaline is his path to delivering that opportunity.  He’s also an active advocate for racehorses at the end of their racing career and is proud to have secured safe post-racing homes for many of our retired horses - an area in which Adrenaline Thoroughbreds is keen to grow and develop.  But perhaps his greatest passion is for ensuring that Adrenaline’s owners get to truly experience the thrills and spills of horse-racing in an authentic way.  He is the driving force behind Adrenaline’s owner-engagement activities, from stable visits to social media updates to organising race-day meets.

Frequent and informative owner communication is a cornerstone of Adrenaline’s business model, and he and Paul are always striving to improve the racehorse owners’ experience. One of Michael’s priorities is tapping into the latest technology options to deliver this in new and effective ways.