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Getting to know Aiden St Vincent

Getting to know Aiden St Vincent

Q. What is it that made racing such a central part of your life? When did you know training was what you wanted to do?

A. I started riding horses when I was that little I can’t even remember what age I was and as a result have developed a good bond with horses. My father was a trainer and I used to help him out and so it was a simple transition for me to follow in his footsteps. I do believe you’re often a product of your environment. 

Q. Who has been your most influential mentor?

A. My biggest role model has been my father. And of course the people who taught my dad, I hold them in high regard also. Anyone I see with a strong passion drives me. I love seeing people push themselves. 

Q. Who would you have liked to have had the opportunity to be mentored by?

A. Probably T.D Jakes, a pastor in the USA. I think someone like T.D Jakes does everything next level. A friend asked me recently “what is next level”.  To me it is someone who takes what he does with his church and fulfils their purpose each day.

Q. What made you choose Coffs Harbour as your base? 

A. The proximity to a beach where I have full access to gallop horses, do slow work, wade them through the surf and walk them through the dunes, was the main drawcard. I have near enough full weather access to the beach and so horses rarely miss too much work and it’s a great environment for my hands-on approach to training, for the horses and staff alike. 

Q. Racing is a game of ups and downs. The downs can be steep. Aiden, you’re nearly always smiling.. What's your proudest moment or “up” in your career as a trainer so far? 

A. It’s hard to pinpoint my proudest moment as a trainer. In recent times though, winning first-up with Archytas, a horse I previously had a bit to do with at Chris Munce’s, a horse with his share of issues, I was very humbled and full of gratitude. He was my first winner since setting up at Coffs Harbour and winning that day with my family there to cheer him on made me realise where I was meant to me.

Q. How do you keep working through the rough patches, keeping that smile and getting up at 3am every morning?

A. Dad used to get up every day without fail and so I had it drummed into me by example you could say. My mum also worked very hard.  I believe I’m privileged to do what I do. I enjoy every day. You never know who needs a smile to improve their day, it may as well be from me.

Q. Excluding Winx and Black Caviar - Which horse would you have most wanted to train and why?

A. Growing up I loved Super Impose and so I’d choose him. That said, I love a challenge, and so if a horse is willing to do its job and work with me, being responsive, I will enjoy training it.

Q. You train, you ride work, and you strap race day runners - What’s something most of us wouldn’t know about you? 

A. I attend church every Sunday where possible. My church attendance doesn’t make me a better person, but I feel it’s important for me be connected to my source.

Best horse: The Jackal – I helped my family train him and he won back to back Ramornie Handicaps as well as stakes races in Brisbane, Sydney and at the Gold Coast, winning over $1M. He was a terrific horse.

Fastest Horse: The Eulo Queen and Archytas are probably the two fastest in the stable presently. The Eulo Queen would get the nod over half a mile.

Most improved horse: The Eulo Queen. She came to me as a maidener barred from racing and from 9 starts with me, she has now won 3 and placed 4 times.          

Favourite horse: That’s a difficult one but I would say Bundeebear. No one wanted him – he was uncontrollable. He was given to us and he repaid us by winning 5 races. I always say “I invested into his future so he invested into mine”.

Favourite Quote:  “If god be for you, then who could be against you”

Next winner: If he hasn’t already forgotten how to win, Social Conquest should go close this Friday. If not, Mem’s Magic should also go very close on Monday at Grafton.